2019 Tickets on Sale Now!

Tickets for our 2019 haunt available now!
Friday & Saturday
Beta Test Night
September 27th
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This interactive event is recommended for ages 13 and up, takes about an hour to go through, and will leave you covered in blood and gore.

We do not usually have space for walk-ups.
Please read the Terms and Conditions by clicking here.
September - October 2019

All tickets are red level so leave your nice clothes at home! Be prepared to duck, crawl, climb, dodge and get slimed and gored! Please wear closed toe shoes.

Your ticket also includes admission to The Boneyard: Cult of the Donkey Lady, so be sure to come early or stay late to see if you can find your way out of the maze. The Ghost Town Bar and Grill will also be open so you can enjoy a great burger and some chili cheese fries while you prepare for, or recover from, your adventure.

Frequent Questions

Q: Can I change the name printed on my ticket?
A: The name on the ticket doesn't matter. You are free to give the tickets to whomever you choose.
Q: How many people can go through the haunt at a time?
A: We have a limit of 6 people per group. Groups of more than 6 will be split into smaller groups. This is a hard limit and we are unable to make exceptions.

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