SCARE for a CURE Events

The Trial of Blood and Stone

SCARE is Austin's only extreme, full-contact, interactive haunted experience. Participants literally crawl, crouch, and interact with actors as they physically travel through a unique haunted experience. A heavily story and actor driven haunt is another thing that sets us apart from other haunted attractions. It will take you up to an hour to get through our haunted thrill ride. Obstacles include blood, slime, gore cannons, obsticle courses, slides, and real balls of fire. From a Fairy Tale Nightmare to a Carnival of Lost Souls to this year's Return to Mutant Wasteland, a SCARE production is filled with various levels of interactive experiences that challenge even the most brave.

This year's theme is The Trial of Blood and Stone!

The Bone Yard

Nobody in this town likes to admit what happened that night. The night Ellie Dougherty was transformed into the Donkey Lady. Who knew being burnt alive could warp your skin into an elongated snout of muscle and flesh. The Donkey Lady roams these halls and beckons to her flock. A faint glow can be seen on the horizon at night in the direction of Ellie’s old house. Faint chanting can be heard by ones quiet enough to hear. Will you follow their call?

Trick or Treat!

Thursday, October 31st
Join us for some family entertainment and fun at Ghost Town!
Test your skills in our Games area to win prizes!
While you're there enjoy some Delicious GHOST BURGERS from the grill!

Quest Night

The only interactive medieval action adventure in Central Texas!
A sword in your hand, a spell on your lips, are you ready to save the Realm?
Battle giant spiders, undead warriors and confront an ancient EVIL!
Climb, crawl, pick locks and avoid traps!
You may perish in the attempt, but if you survive...

GLORY & GOLD will be yours!!!

About the Location

SCARE for a CURE is located at J. Lorraine Ghost Town, which features a bar and grill where SCARE customers can enjoy a cold drink and a delicious burger as they share stories of their adventure!