Quest Night

Quest Night

Quest Night is an intense experience like no other!
A sword in your hand, a spell on your lips, are you ready to save the Realm?
Battle giant spiders, undead warriors and confront an ancient EVIL!
Climb, crawl, pick locks and avoid traps!
You may perish in the attempt, but if you survive...

GLORY & GOLD will be yours!!!

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Quest Night Photos

Heroes of Quest Night, your photos are available for purchase!
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Quest Night 2018 Photos

Looking for last year's photos? You can still purchase them using the link below.
Quest Night 2017 Photos


Its not too late to volunteer!
We are always looking for volunteers to help build and run our events.
Do you want to build sets, help with costumes and makeup, or be an actor?
Email and let us know you are interested!

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SCARE for a CURE is a 501c3 nonprofit raising money for local cancer related charities. We are a 100% volunteer organization best known for our famous, interactive, haunted adventures. In the last five years, SCARE for a CURE has donated more than $235,000 to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas, an organization that provides support for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. We have also donated more than $3,000 to programs at Manor ISD. Your ticket purchase will help SCARE continue its mission to support local causes and cancer related organizations. Thanks for your support!