Ticket Sales for the 2014 Season are LIVE!

Tickets for the 2014 season are now available. Make sure to buy them quickly, as they are guaranteed to sell out! Keep in mind that tickets for Return to Zombie Wasteland are ONLY available online.

NOTE: New this year, on Oct 3rd you're invited to our Sneak Peek night, otherwise called Beta Test Night. This is a chance to check out this year's event for a special price. For 1/2 price tickets you'll have the opportunity to Beta test Return to Zombie Wasteland and help us work out the kinks before opening night! This is for one night only. OCT 3rd!

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All ticket sales are final. No refunds made for any reason.

Not sure if you want to buy tickets yet? Check out this year's thrilling trailer to pump yourself up to go!

SCARE for a CURE: Return to Zombie Wasteland

Operating Hours: Oct. 3-4, 9-11, 16-18, 23-25, 30-31

Tickets will be $30 for Green level and $35 for Red level and may ONLY be purchased online.
Note: This event is rated PG-13

It's been 40 years since the zombie virus devastated humanity. No more grocery stores, no more gas stations. No more reality TV. But if you can make it to the City of Prosper, you might have a chance of surviving the Return of Zombie Wasteland.
You may have to run, crawl, climb and dodge in your efforts to avoid zombies, mutants and other threats, but if you succeed, unlimited POWER may be yours.
Experienced survivors know that FOOD is still a critical resource in the Wasteland and even in the City of Prosper, canned food is used to barter for clues, supplies and weapons or perhaps to bribe the Guards. Will you survive?
A portion of the proceeds from Return to Zombie Wasteland and Slaughterhouse will go to The Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas. All food will be donated to the Austin Area Food Bank and to the Manor Food Bank.

***Rating and duration of events is estimated, individual experiences may vary.

The Rules

We want our guests to have fun, but we do expect responsible behavior. So yell and scream all you want, wet your pants if you must, really savor your frightful interactive adventure! But play nice, and pay attention to your guide and/or other crew members who are looking out not just for you, but for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the premises. If an actor or crew member breaks out of character to give you instructions, you can bet there's a good reason for it and you need to listen carefully.

SCARE for a CURE reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone or to expel guests who in our judgment are behaving in such a way as to disrupt the event or to pose a danger to themselves, other guests, or our volunteers at any time. No refunds will be made for any reason.