Ticket Information

Please note that we recommend tickets be purchased ONLINE in advance of the event.
Ticketing is significantly different than past Quest Night events:
The event will open at 8pm and run till 1am Previous Questors will get in at 7:30pm and have access to the town of Haven to equip themselves and/or train.
There are 4 Entry ticket price points:

  • 8pm Standard - $40
  • 8pm Elite - $50
  • 9pm Standard - $30
  • 9pm Elite - $40

In addition to entry into Haven, with your ticket purchase you will receive:
Standard Class (3GP and a Random magic token)
Elite Class (5GP and 3 Random magic tokens)
Mages receive 2 spells (Any) upon entry

As time allows, you and your party may do as many quests per night as you wish.
Our Quests will be timed such that the last Quest will end near midnight.
There are three types of quests:

  • SHORT Quests (10-25min)
  • MEDIUM Quests (30-45min)
  • LONG Quests (60-90min)

Different Quests have different XP & Loot rewards.
There will be some GOOD quests and some "Not so Good" quests.
Tickets are good for one night of Questing. Not all quests can be completed in one night, so you are welcome to purchase tickets for additional nights. Progress, XP, loot, etc will be tracked and are cumulative.
We recommend reading our Quest Night Classes & Lore page to learn more about Standard and ELITE classes before purchasing tickets.
Standard currency of the Realm is a Gold Piece (GP) which conveniently enough is equal to $1. Gold pieces can be spent at a merchant shop to buy healing potions, magic tokens, spells, and other items to help you on your Quest.
Magic tokens can change the course of the battle by imbuing the target player with a variety of enhancements to strength, luck, accuracy, and more!
We consider this event PG-13 due to some scares, adult themes, fictional violence, and harsh language.

Additionally, we have a Player's Guide and a Magical Grimoire, linked below:
Player's Guide

Map & Directions

Quest Night will be located at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor, Texas
(Just a few miles East of Austin)!
14219 Littig Road
Manor, TX 78653
View Google Map / Get Directions


  • From Austin it's only 12.5 miles to the Ghost Town
  • Starting at IH-35 Exit 238 B & Hwy 290 East
  • Drive East on Hwy 290 toward Manor
  • Drive approximately 3.5 miles past the '290 Cafe' in Manor
  • Turn right [at the traffic signal] onto Old Kimbro Rd and drive 1 mile
  • Go left over the RR tracks onto Littig Rd
  • The Ghost Town entrance is on the right