Quest Night Letter from the Director

First I want to thank you for participating in QUEST NIGHT over the last 3 years. I created QN around 1986, when I was a junior in high school and it took me over 25 years to finally put it in action.

The result was Quest Night; Glory & Gold which started in 2013. The 3-part, 3-year adventure/pilot-project finished with last year's event: Black Blood Rising.
Unfortunately, Quest Night didn't work out as intended. Compared to the time, materials and effort put into it, the event just didn't make enough money.

I don't want to raise prices, because I don't want to price-out my customers. Hell, I'd put the show on for free if I could!
So QN needs to be re-designed to facilitate MORE customers. The "linear" nature of the adventure was the problem, it was like being on a train track and you could only go as fast or as slow as the car in front of you. This meant we could only fit a small amount of customers through on any given night. (This was about 130)
For perspective, a commercial haunted house can move about 2,500 customers through per night. TRUE DUNGEON, at Gen-Con, can move (est.)1000 per night, and SCARE for a CURE can move about 300 per night. These numbers are based on the design of the production.
We are working hard to come up with a design we think will keep prices affordable while allowing more people to participate in the adventure. Our goal is to provide MORE entertainment for your hard earned gold. (dollars)
I think I have a pretty good idea on how I want to the design to unfold, however, I value your input as customers and gamers. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me. (
Over the next few months, we will have a couple of brainstorm meetings and if you have an interest in volunteering with SCARE or Quest Night just let me know!

Thank you for supporting SCARE for a CURE and Quest Night!

-Jarrett Crippen

Quest Night 2015: BLACK BLOOD RISING Photos

Heroes of Quest Night!
We apologize for the delay in availablity of the photos from your adventures this year.
We had some technical difficulties with the image collection device, and the quality of some of the photos is below our expectations.
In recompense, we will not be charging any fees for you to download your party's victory photo!
We are grateful for the support you have shown us the last 3 years and we hope the QUEST will continue for years to come!

Simply click on the date of your ticket below, and you will be sent to the SCARE for a CURE album for photos of that night, hosted on

April 17th
April 18th
April 24th
April 25th
Once in an album, you can find your photos, and download the full resolution for free!

Thank you!
-The Quest Night Team

Prepare for Quest Night 2015: BLACK BLOOD RISING

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Before joining the quest, please read over the Player's Handbook here:
Quest Night Players Handbook
As well, delve into our magical arcana with the Encyclopedia Magica:
Quest Night Encyclopedia Magica

Do you have questions? Visit our Quest Night ticketing page!

For Glory & Gold: The Teaser Trailer

Quest Night: Glory & Gold

The only interactive medieval action adventure in Central Texas!
A sword in your hand, a spell on your lips, are you ready to save the Realm?
Battle giant spiders, undead warriors and confront an ancient EVIL!
Climb, crawl, pick locks and avoid traps!
You may perish in the attempt, but if you survive...

GLORY & GOLD will be yours!!!

Get ready for an intense experience like no other. As brave adventurers you have been summoned to the quest to save the kingdom. You will battle giant spiders, undead warriors and ultimately confront an ancient EVIL! Don't be fooled, your challenges are REAL and you must be prepared to climb, crawl, pick locks and avoid traps.

Gather your companions!

Groups of six will venture forth to battle the evils! Do not fret if you have fewer than six in your party; at Quest Night there will be a place to recruit others to fill your party.

Secure your place in the adventure and choose from customized packages to help you on your journey! Ticket package descriptions and a Buy Now link are on the Ticketing page.

After your adventure:

No matter if you live or die, once your adventure is finished there is opportunity to eat, drink and be merry!

For more information, tips, and tricks check our FAQ page.

Are you ready to join the adventure?

Who are we?

SCARE for a CURE is a 501c3 nonprofit raising money for local cancer related charities. We are a 100% volunteer organization best known for our famous, interactive, haunted adventures. In the last five years, SCARE for a CURE has donated more than $80,000 to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas, an organization that provides support for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Your ticket purchase will help SCARE continue its mission to support local cancer related organizations. Thanks for your support!