Thank you for your contributions to Quest Night 2014!

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April 18 - April 19 - April 25 - April 26

We hope to see you next year! For GLORY & GOLD!

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For Glory & Gold: The Teaser Trailer

Glory & Gold: Hunt for the Lich King

A sword in your hand, a spell on your lips, are you ready to save the Realm?
Battle giants, evil wizards and undead warriors!
Climb, crawl, pick locks and avoid traps!
You may perish in the attempt, but if you survive...

GLORY & GOLD will be yours!!!

Get ready for an intense experience like no other. As brave adventurers you are called again to the QUEST to save the kingdom. You might battle giants, goblins, undead warriors and ultimately confront an ancient EVIL that threatens the entire Kingdom of Scaria! Don't be fooled, your challenges are REAL and you must be prepared to climb, crawl, pick locks and avoid traps.

This years adventure is bigger, better and more challenging!

Gather your companions!

Groups of six will venture forth to battle the evils! Do not fret if you have fewer than six in your party; at Quest Night there will be a place to recruit others to fill your party. Veterans and rookies alike will find other heroes to assist in the Quest.

Secure your place in the adventure and choose from customized packages to help you on your journey! Ticket package descriptions and a Buy Now link are on the Ticketing page. You are able to buy supplies online or at the event.

After your adventure:

No matter if you live or die, once your adventure is finished there is opportunity to eat, drink and be merry! There will even be PVP (Player vs. Player) combat to challenge other heroes for Glory & Gold!

For more information, tips, and tricks check our FAQ page.

Are you ready to join the adventure?

Who are we?

SCARE for a CURE is a 501c3 nonprofit raising money for local cancer related charities. We are a 100% volunteer organization best known for our famous, interactive, haunted adventures. In the last five years, SCARE for a CURE has donated more than $80,000 to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas, an organization that provides support for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Your ticket purchase will help SCARE continue its mission to support local cancer related organizations. Thanks for your support!